Paytm Postpaid:Get 10000Rs Instant In Your Account 2019

Paytm Postpaid: Need urgent money? what if I would say you can get 10000Rs Instant In Your Account without going bank ? can you believe? well in this article we are going to cover paytm postaid|eligibility|limit|charges|offer

now you don,t need to worry about money read this article that will help you to get money instant.

paytm launched new postpaid services now paytm is giving shopping credit upto 10000 Rs you will get each month 10000 rs for doing online shopping, bill payments recharge and more online stuff.

this service is launched in partnership with icici bank and one 97 communication also known as paytm 

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Paytm Postpaid

this is same like a credit card where you get upto 10000 rs without having money in the bank account you can pay this amount in 15 to 45 days

It ranges from Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000, extendable upto Rs 20,000 based on the repayment history. it will also offer a quick checkout to customers with the Paytm Passcode.

hope you understand about paytm postpaid services now let’s talk about how you can avail this service

paytm postpaid benefits

  • Get Exclusive Rewards
  • 0 % Interest
  • Spend Today & Pay Next month
  • Get up To Rs 10,000 Spend Limit
  • free to join

paytm postpaid Eligibility

currently this service is under beta program customer who have an account of icici bank are eligible to get this service

paytm postpaid eligibility

if you are not eligible for paytm postpaid service don,t worry you will get paytm postpaid near future its still in beta


  • Paytm AADHAR Verified Account
  • ICICI Bank account (Linked with same Paytm number)

How to activate paytm postpaid

1.Download the paytm application from below

2.Tap on profile there will you see postpaid services

paytm postpaid services a next screen appear like this

paytm postpaid benifit you can see form fill that form

how to apply for paytm psotpaid

  • after filling the form
  • click next and you will receive otp in your icici linked bank account
  • Enter OTP And tick both box Below On it & Click I accept Button.


hurray now you have successfully applied for paytm postpaid

paytm Postpaid Sucesfully submit rick

it will take half an hour to activate paytm postpaid after that your service will activate automatically.

Paytm Postpaid Limit

there is the limit of Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000, extendable upto Rs 20,000 based on the repayment history. Paytm Postpaid will also offer a quick checkout to customers with the Paytm Passcode.

paytm postpaid limit

paytm postpaid terms and conditions

1. Usage:ICICI PayLater Facility can be only used to make online INR denominated purchases on Paytm Platform and on select Merchant categories where the availability of this service is powered by ICICI Bank would be indicated by Paytm. Cash withdrawal option against ICICI PayLater Facility is currently unavailable.

2. Joining Fees:-There are no joining fees, annual fees, and supplementary fees powered by ICICI bank fees with ICICI bank pay later facility. But ICICI Bank reserves the right to apply such charges in future

3.Late Payment Charges You can Pay Your Instant credit bill within 15 to 45 days, but after that, you have to pay Rs. 50+ Applicable taxes for the amount.

4.Transaction Limit:The Transaction Limit shall be communicated at the time of sanctioning ICICI PayLater Facility and shall also be indicated subsequently in the account statements. Available Transaction Limit is calculated by deducting the utilized limit from the Transaction Limit. The PayLater Paytm Customers shall be entitled to apply for a review / enhancement / reduction of the Transaction Limit provided by ICICI Bank, upon completion of 12 months of Tenure.

Change upon such review, if any, of the Transaction Limit shall be at the sole discretion of ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank shall at its sole discretion be entitled to review (including enhancement or reduction) the Transaction

Limit assigned on service for powered by ICICI Bank to the PayLater Paytm Customer at any time. Enhancements, if any, to the Transaction Limit, shall be effected by ICICI Bank only after obtaining prior written consent of the PayLater Paytm Customer.

Total Amount Due: Without prejudice to the liability of the PayLater Paytm Customers to immediately pay all charges incurred. Default interest

will be charged if the Total Amount Due is not paid by the Payment Due Date. In addition to this ICICI Bank may also temporarily block or suspend ICICI PayLater Facility of such PayLater Paytm customers.

If PayLater Paytm Customer has registered for auto debit facility for repayment of dues under Paytm Postpaid powered by ICICI Bank, then the amount due will be

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