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Hey looters recently we posted free Paytm cash apps and loots in our site if you didn’t read till please read it also we posted some Amazon Quiz Answer

As we know Amazon is world largest shopping site and Amazon come back with another quiz named Amazon February quiz
So we post Amazon February quiz all correct answer and win 6 month free shipping in Amazon.
If you are luck then you win this contest because amazon give their price of lucky draw base so try your luck.

How To participate

Amazon February Quiz

1 login/ sign-up your Amazon account note that login your account in Amazon app
2 after login/sign-up showing you a banner named February quiz click on it
Amazon February Quiz
3 after clicking you successfully participated Amazon February quiz
Give all correct answer and win 6 month free shopping in Amazon

Amazon February Quiz All Correct Answers

1. What did Alexander Fleming introduce to the world on February 14th in 1929?
Answer- Penicillin
2. Which Italian city, where Romeo and Juliet lived in Shakespeare`s play, still receives about 1,000 letters on Valentine’s Day each year?
Answer- Verona
3.  In India, National Science Day is celebrated on 28th February to mark the discovery of?
Answer- Raman effect
4.  The whole month of February 2018 will not have a single full moon day. The last time this happened in February 1999.
Answer-  True
5. Which of these is a western zodiac sign associated with February?
Answer- Aquaries
6. Which term is also used to refer to the first full moon of February?
Answer- Ice moon
congratulation you successfully answred all qustion
Amazon February Quiz
Winner announcement 31 March 2018
If you win this quiz Amazon contact you through email
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